Pandemic 2020

This is a general message to all current clients concerning the Coronavirus.  I am encouraging all of my clients to take this pandemic seriously, by following the recommendations of the CDC found here. How to Protect Yourself


I would also encourage you to use the coping skills that you’ve learned in treatment to avoid anxiety, which can result in avoidance, and other behaviors that are not helpful.  Use coping skills, such as keeping your sense of humor, being thankful, and putting your attention on others.  If you are sick, but have no fever or cough, it is highly unlikely that you have Covid-19.  It is just a cold.  To be safe, abide by the CDC recommendations found here:
If you are Sick


Last week, the White House requested that we limit social gatherings to under 50.  The School District of Philadelphia responded by closing all schools through March 27th.  Many churches, including Summit Presbyterian, have decided to cease gatherings until the 27th.  Summit Presbyterian Church is currently locked, and not being used by anyone except a few lease holders like myself.  Yesterday, the White House requested that we limit gatherings to under 10.


It is not lost on the White House, or the rest of us, that there are limits to social distancing during these 15 days.  Today, I had to visit a client in her home.  Though not absolutely necessary, it was perfectly safe to do so.  Later, I will go to the pharmacy.  It is less safe to go to the supermarket, but my family needs the medicine.


Should you come in for treatment this week?  Because I respect you, I leave that decision in your hands.  To better inform your decision making, I have had a cold for the past month, before the Coronavirus was discovered in the States, and during the sessions that we have been having.  I would like you to know that the virus only survives outside a host for 3 days, and the church has been shuttered since Friday.  As an alternative, we can do your session by video.  Check with your insurance company to make sure that you are covered.  If you need more support, feel free to call me.


Peace and good health to you and your family.

For additional information about mental/behavioral health, investigate the following websites:

If you are experiencing severe and persistent depression, anxiety that you just can't overcome, or are having hallucinations, DeVine Interventions Group can help.  If you are suicidal, call 911.  Would God have you give up?  Is His arm too short to help?  He is willing and able to help, and DeVine Interventions Group is willing and able to help you cope with hallucinations, overcome anxiety and/or improve your mood.  These are our areas of expertise.  Call us for a free consultation that is safe and confidential. (Unless, as stated above, you are having suicidal or homicidal thoughts.  Do get immediate help by calling 911 or the Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255 or text 741-741.

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