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You minister the Word of God to the entire congregation through your sermons and teachings; however, you also minister to individuals and couples facing particular struggles. In this area of ministry, connecting with a Christian therapist such as myself is invaluable. After a few counseling sessions, you can send your congregants to me for further help. This way, I can help when your workload gets to be too much.

While you want to serve your clients, I know many of you have made it a policy to limit the number of one-on-one counseling sessions. Too many would take you away from ministering to others who need it. Moreover, a need for more counseling sessions indicates that this parishioner needs more specialized care.

I want to serve as a reliable Christian therapist to whom you can refer your clients. Call me for a consultation at no charge. If we are a good fit, I can counsel your parishioner in need of help. If I cannot treat the client due to insurance or lack of specialized training, I can refer your congregant to a therapist who can help.

Most of the people in your congregation will want a Christian therapist.

Some will insist on a biblical counselor. I am both, having a B.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies and an M.A. in Mental Health Counseling from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. In addition, I am licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to provide psychotherapy and am a Board Certified Counselor.

To assure you that your congregant is receiving effective treatment, I will keep you in the loop concerning their counseling while always protecting their right to privacy.

I take an integrative approach to psychotherapy.

  • Each mental health challenge has a treatment protocol recommended by the APA and/or SAMHSA based on meta-analyses of treatment outcome studies. I’m trained in these approaches, practice them, receive supervision while treating clients, and continue seeking new training. Let me do the heavy lifting so you can focus and outsource more effectively.
  • Consider me your first responder when someone in your congregation is in crisis. Make sure the load never gets out of control. I am a professional counselor and have helped many pastors like you and their congregants. 
  • I have credentials with five insurance companies, so your parishioner will not have to spend all their savings to get help. If they don’t have insurance, we can discuss your church paying part of the cost while I cut my fees to make it affordable.
  • For logistical and technical details or questions about the methodology of my practice, visit my FAQ. My approach is to start with the Bible to understand human psychology. We apply research into human behavior as a tool to help people thrive by improving their mental health.

Let’s build a stronger community together through faith & counseling.


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If you have someone in your congregation who is depressed, anxious or grieving, the APA recommends that you take their faith into consideration. According to the Barna Group, 48% of people surveyed said that their faith is very important to them.

Call me for a consultation at no charge.

PLEASE NOTE: When you refer someone to me, I will assess their needs and provide evidence-based, biblically sound treatment. If I am not the right therapist due to insurance or a need for a specialist, I have a list of competent, faith-based therapists, and will transition them to a therapist who will meet their particular needs.

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